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Your E-Portfolio Center
A Premier site for creative people... both professional and novice alike

For more information, click the links to the Valley Artist Portfolios pages below:
Link to art shows and other events.
If you know of any shows that would like to be listed on our site, just let us know about them.

Who Are We?

• Artist
• Sculptors
• wood carvers
• Writers
• Actors
• Crafters
• Weavers
• Entertainers
• Creative People

Every artist needs a place to display their work. Even more so, they need a place to SELL their work. It's not easy to have patrons see how talented you are unless you and they can get together. A place where you and potential clients can view and discuss your work.

Our mission is to bring these two entities
together, to serve the needs of both.

We take no commission when an artist sells his or her work using our site as their very own gallery. Any contact between client and artist are completely between themselves.
We represent various types of "Artists"
This site is maintained to help promote artist and to provide them with a venue to display and sell their work without the need for them to spend countless time building and maintaining a web site themselves.

The time used in the construction of your own site can be put to better use . . . creating your art.

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Steps to setting up your web page:

1. Please read and look over the following pages: - About VA and Join Us & Terms

2. Figure out how many pages will best work for you. - (you can always add additional pages)

3. Purchase your pages through Paypal. - Web Page Store

4. E-mail your images and copy. (Look over the other artist pages for ideas) Email your info to Valley Artist Portfolio

5. We will contact you and preview your page(s).

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